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What is the FF1 Token?

The FF1 token is a modern, global store of value that offers a better way to HODL and gain exposure to the blockchain industry. The token has a finite supply and is backed by a basket of real blockchain assets, allowing for downside protection and upside potential. The underlying treasury of assets are managed by Two Prime and designed to provide accretive cash flows to the treasury with less volatility than single assets can provide.

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Dr. Marc Fleury

Dr. Marc Fleury

Previously, Dr. Fleury founded JBoss, an open-source application server, in 1999 during a time when major players thought open source was dead. Marc proved the naysayers wrong, turning JBoss into a commercially viable business and, in seven years, sold JBoss to Red Hat (eventually acquired by IBM) for $350 Million.

Alexander S. Blum

Alexander S. Blum

Prior to founding Two Prime, Alexander started digital investment group Atomic Capital, and worked as a technology advisor for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The World Economic Forum, and as an economic development specialist for the Peace Corps. Alexander is a Fellow at University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies and Chair of the Nexus Global Lab on Blockchain and Systems Change.